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Denial - Elizabeth/Atlas, edging / orgasm denial

“I think it’s fair to say that you’re a bit of a stubborn one, are you not?” Atlas says and Elizabeth doesn’t care much for the way he’s looking at her. She doesn’t like this place or this time. Not that her own was much better, but there’s an ugliness to Rapture that can’t be escaped no matter how she looks at it. This place is rotten and Atlas is a termite, eating his way through the tree.

He wants a reaction from her but she won’t give it, keeping her mouth shut. Atlas keeps on talking like he’s in love with his own voice, walking back to a tray of tools sitting just in front of her, where she’s sure not to miss it. He’s going to torture her. She thinks of the cells in the basement of the Good Time Club, the stink of blood and the people who just lay there quietly in the cells, minds too broken to do anything but wait for death. “Man named Steinman taught me this. He’s a bit of a lunatic, but he knows all the latest medical developments, and a few of the old ones too. You ever heard of hysteria, love? Odd thing it was. Wandering uterus they used to say, believing that it just went strolling around inside of a woman and drove her mad.”

“What’s the point-” She says, or tries to. He just keeps talking over her. The ropes holding her down chafe at her wrists and she waits to see what exactly he’ll use on her. A knife maybe. He seems like the sort to do that.

“They found a cure for it. Manual stimulation helped relieve all those unbalanced humors and biles inside a person. But that takes effort and more than two or three patients a day is all they could stand. So they made a lovely little device to help with their work.” Atlas holds up something… what is that? It’s metal and smooth, odd shaped with a big bump at the end. It’s… well, she’s not sure what it is, only that it seems to have some sort of machinery inside of it. While she’s puzzling it out, he’s motioning to his men. “Take hold of her lads.”

“You’re wasting your time.” Elizabeth doesn’t know what he wants, and no amount of torture is going to make her know something she doesn’t know (can’t know, not anymore). Still, they do as he says and their hands grip her, holding her still against the chair. But then they grab onto her skirt and hoist it up over her knees, pushing it as far up as it goes. “H-hey! What are you doing?”

“Getting my answer. Where’s me ace in the hole?” Atlas kneels in front of her, and no matter how Elizabeth tries to pull away, she’s held tight in place. He sets a hand on her thigh, just rubbing his fingers back and forth. “I can make this nice, or I can make it cruel.”

“I told you, I don’t know. I don’t know anything about an ace.” She says, though she knows it doesn’t matter what she says. He only wants to hear one thing, and that’s an answer she couldn’t possibly know.

“Cruel it is then.” His hand slides up and grasps onto her panties, shoving them to the side. Elizabeth clenches her teeth together, feeling something cold press against her, and then inside past the lips of her vulva, coming to rest at the top of her sex. She prepares herself for the worst-

Elizabeth gasps with shock as the thing inside of her starts vibrating. She’s not prepared for that, not at all, and her thighs jerk farther apart. The men hold them wide open and Atlas runs the metal thing inside of her up and down, pressing it against her clit to make her shake and then taking it away again and letting the head push against her entrance instead (but not inside, just pressing there, but not inside).

“What’s wrong sister? Thought I’d stick my fingers in you? Or maybe you thought I’d find a way to put my cock in your little pink cunt?” He laughs at her, giving her a dark look from under his looming brows. “If you want that, you’re going to have to beg for it.”

She’s breathing quick and trying hard not to make a sound, but it’s tough when he drags the thing up and presses it right against her clit, and all those quick pulses drag out a rough little noise from deep inside of her. It feels good, better than her fingers ever had, and she hates Atlas more than she ever could have before. It’s not enough to torture her - he has to humiliate her too, all for an answer she doesn’t have.

“So go on, tell me where the ace in the hole is, and I’ll keep the vibrator right where it is and make you come so hard you won’t be able to stand.” He turns it, rolling the head of the device over her clit and she shudders, feeling her arousal build. “Come on love, don’t be shy. I can smell you down here.”

“I don’t k-know,” She spits out, arching her back until they push her down and hold her still again. Elizabeth tries so hard not to moan but it comes out all the same when he grinds the vibrator down against her. “I told you, I don’t know!”

“That’s a shame love, a real shame.” And just like that, she feels him lift the vibrator, holding it very lightly against the flesh just beneath her clit. What feels like a moment to breathe quickly turns into a sort of torture as she feels it moving, but not against the parts of her that are throbbing. When she whines a little by accident, her hips involuntarily trying to push into the vibrator, he just pulls it back, just enough that she can feel it against her vulva but not against her clit. “Now then, don’t be greedy. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your itch.”

This isn’t the torture she was preparing herself for. It’s worse than if he had just threatened to kill her, because at least that would be pain only. Instead she’s caught between her shame and the deep, painful arousal still building inside of her.

He presses the vibrator against her again, pulling back two seconds later, just long enough of a press to get a desperate noise to pass through her lips. Elizabeth tries hard to clench her jaw shut, but he does it again, this time pressing a few seconds longer, and there’s a low groan in her chest that she can’t keep quiet. Each press sends a shock through her body, a feeling of pleasure that’s ripped away just as quickly.

The hands holding her still don’t wander, staying put on her knees and her shoulders. They’re watching though, watching her get wet, watching her nipples get hard, watching as she fights and fails to keep quiet as Atlas tortures her. He keeps pulling her towards what might be the edge of an orgasm, and then quickly pulling back, leaving her frustrated and desperate. “Now then darling, I can see you starting to tremble. All I need is the phrase. Just the phrase and you can feel just fine.”

Elizabeth grits her teeth. She doesn’t know. She told him she doesn’t know but he doesn’t believe her. Maybe she shouldn’t have said she was Suchong’s assistant. Maybe she should have thought up a better lie. Instead, she’s at the mercy of a man who gives her a sadistic grin each time he pulls the vibrator away and watches her thighs shake desperately.

“Tell you what. You know how I feel about a lass with a bit of sass in her.” He slides the vibrator down and pushes right against her entrance, teasing her. Elizabeth feels it pulse there, her clit desperately trying to pulse in time with it, and all she wants is for it to be inside of her. She just wants to come, before she goes out of her mind. “I’ll make a deal with you. You tell me where the ace in the hole is, and I’ll let you ride my cock.”

Elizabeth moans desperately, feeling her insides clench again and again, hating how tempting his offer is. The vibrator keeps teasing, pressing but not pushing in and her vagina keeps clenching around air. It hurts and as much as she finds Atlas to be disgusting, all she can think about is sitting in his lap and sliding down his shaft. Elizabeth’s been trying hard not to answer him but she can’t stop herself this time from spitting the words out. “I d-don’t know.”

“I’m getting tired of hearing the same answer over and over again. I’m aiming for a different tune, one ends well for the both of us.” He shuts the vibrator off and presses his fingertips directly against her clit, rubbing softly and steadily. Atlas’ breath smells like cigarettes and he leans in close, growling into her ear while his fingers coax her to the edge of orgasm. “We both know how badly you want this. Your cunt’s trying to suck my fingers into you and you smell like the ocean, love. All you have to do is give me what I want, and I’ll give you bliss.”

“I can’t t-tell you what I don’t know.” She says. Her pelvis is winding tight and just as she’s about to come, he pulls his fingers out of her and Elizabeth groans with frustration. Atlas brings his hand up, letting her see how wet they are. He presses two against her lips and then between them as he puts a little pressure on her.

“Open wide. Go on, taste how wet you are.” They keep pushing in until they’re pressing against her teeth. Even with clenched teeth to hold him back, she can still taste herself, musky and salty leaking in with every sharp breath she takes. Her sex feels like its on fire, throbbing desperately and just wanting something, anything, to get off on. Atlas’ fingers withdraw, then close tight around her throat, cutting off her air. “You’re trying my patience here. Where’s. Me. Ace. In. The Hole.”

Her eyes flutter shut. Elizabeth can hear the far of tink-tink-tink sound of a dying light, the sounds of screams, a man rising in the aisle of an airplane as he tosses a box aside. There’s a note there, there’s a note rising, flying towards her and a cypher on it, and there’s Sally standing in a lab, offering Elizabeth her hand-

Elizabeth’s eyes jerk back open as she returns to reality. His hand is crushing her throat and she can’t breathe, but her thighs jerk all the same, as if hit by Shock Jockey. He’s going to kill her and she’s going to die desperately wanting to come. “L-lab-” She chokes out.

The hand loosens enough to let air in but doesn’t let go. Elizabeth whoops as she draws in a breath, and just as it’s in, he drags her face close to his again. “Say it again, louder.”

“Suchong!” Elizabeth gasps out. She’s not sure if it is or not. She’s not even sure what she saw. But anything is better than dying at this point. “It’s. I-it’s in. Suchong’s l-lab.”

“That’s a bit convenient now,” There’s a sour sound in his voice, strangely soft, and it warbles in a way that makes her wonder if that’s him or her mishearing him. “Ryan’s got every turret in the place tuned to me and me men’s genetic code. We’d be torn to shreds before we got ten feet.”

“T-that’s right.” She tries so hard to keep her voice level, but she can’t, not when she’s this on edge. Elizabeth takes a deep breath and leans forward, nearly pressing her nose against his. Her thighs quiver but she refuses to break eye contact with Atlas. “Which is… why I’m going t-to do this for you. Y-you okay with that?”

“Just fine.” He’s so close. Elizabeth’s almost afraid he might kiss her because if he does, she’ll surely bite his lips off. But he just slips a hand under her skirt and presses two fingers against her clit, pushing down hard and stroking fast. “Here you are love, just as promised.”

She screams when she comes, all of her body jerking hard and rolling up against the hands holding her in place. His fingers keep moving, keep grinding, and wave after wave of intense pleasure rolls over her and turns her body to jelly. She’s panting hard and fast, barely able to think straight when her world’s been reduced to the almost painful pulses that rip through her every few seconds. Atlas just keeps stroking until it hurt and she tries hard to twist away from him. “S-stop, stop!”

He finally stops and she just sags in the chair, sweat dripping down her forehead. A moment later, and he presses his fingers all the way into her mouth, making sure she can’t escape the taste of her own privates. “There you are. Isn’t it nice when you play along?”

She lets her teeth dig into his fingers, though only lightly. Sally is still here somewhere and she knows if she hurts Atlas, he’ll hurt the girl. Still, Elizabeth lets her teeth press against his fingers all the same, just to feel him jerk them back. She keeps her teeth showing as she looks up at Atlas. “I do t-this. You let the l-little girl go.”

“So long as I get what’s mine. Bring me the ace and-” wipe away the debt she thinks, but doesn’t dare say. “-the brat’s all yours.” He motions for the men to let her go. “Bag her and have her brought to my bathysphere.”

Elizabeth gets a few seconds to watch him walk away before a bag’s thrown over her head, sending her into darkness. She can barely stand when they lift her up, her legs trembling with each step she’s forced to take. Elizabeth’s not sure what she’s going to do about Atlas, but maybe she can think of something while she’s searching Suchong’s lab. First things first, she needs to see that Sally’s safe. And after that?

Booker’s not around to kill for her this time, so she’ll just have to handle that part on her own.

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