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You'll find the big fat prompt/fill index right here! Ctrl+F your favourite characters and kinks, would you kindly.

If you want to add a prompt, shimmy on over to the meme post.

A heart under "Link/Fills" indicates an unfilled prompt. You know what you have to do.

Note: a lot of these prompts have been edited down to fit into the table neatly. Make sure you click through to see the full prompt okay? Okay!

Pairing Prompt Link/Fills
Sofia Lamb, Mark Meltzer mind control, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT 1 fic fill
Jack, Atlas Jack and Atlas take a field trip the the medical pavilion and shit goes down. DON'T LOOK AT ME. 2 fic fills
Frank Fontaine Fontaine tries splicing to improve his "monument tower." Mixed results. Go crazy.
Andrew Ryan, Father Comstock I don't care what circumstances, I don't care where you want to go with it. I just want to see what might happen.
Julie Langford Julie Langford gets wood. you heard me
Elizabeth(s) Now you're thinking with portals - Elizacest, with optional Robert/Rosalind
Jack, Atlas Post-reveal, but before Jack is cured of WYK, Fontaine decides to have some fun with him. Jack is aware of the mind control and tries to fight it, but try as he might, he succumbs. 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Diane McClintock Fontaine/Diane snuff. 'Snuff said
Sander Cohen, disciples Porn Star AU, Sander Cohen and/or his disciples. I think that pretty much sums it up tbh.
Jack, Atlas, Big Daddy jack/big daddy (atlas), mind control, BIG daddies. "would you kidnly go get fucked by a big daddy." atlas wants to watch 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan, Brigid Tenenbaum Fontaine/Ryan/Tenenbaum, gunplay, omg i don't even care what happens
Sander Cohen, Andrew Ryan Sander/Ryan, one-sided, masturbation. Sander pines for Ryan angrily, artistically; faps. 1 fic fill
Sander Cohen, disciples Sander/disciples, coercion, non-con. WHAT DID HE DO TO THEM????? SEXUALLY?????? 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan they touch mustaches
Sander Cohen, Jack fellatio - sander lets jack suck his dick as a reward for a job well done 1 fic fill
Atlas, Jack feeding, stuffing, belly - atlas feeds jack because it is my fetish
Frank Fontaine, Jack mind control, humiliation, non-con, rough sex - frank fontaine fucking jack, wyk still in effect, frank just laughing and making fun of him and jack is scared and mad and helpless
Elizabeth, a dude Elizabeth pegs a dude. Liz is a strong cool lady who pegs a manly dude (atlas? Booker?) who absolutely loves her taking charge. 1 fic fill,
1 art fill
Delta, Gil Alexander subject delta/alex the great, fluff, feeding. armed with a handful of patience, a smidgen of recklessness, and an armful of ADAM plants, good/savior delta attempts to calm alex down.
Frank Fontaine, Brigid Tenenbaum Tenenbaum likes it when Fontaine shaves his head~
Jack, Frank Fontaine Circumcision. Fontaine decides he wants to change things up a little.
Jack, the radio stick your dick in the radio 1 fic fill
Atlas, You atlassss readerficcccc - would you kindly?? 2 fic fills
Jack, Atlas Masturbation/Voyeurism. Jack jacks off to the idea of Atlas fucking him hard and painfully like the little masochist he is, Atlas watches and/or listens 1 fic fill
Jack u guys are artists right. how about some broad faced, broad nosed, broad shouldered jack. bleeding, bare, dancing the merengue on a pile of splicer corpses, I don't give a darn. just some canon-ass jack. 3 art fills
Jack, Anyone, Bees jack is doing the do with [character of your choice] when all of a sudden he has a bee episode, oops 1 fic fill
Atlas, Jack, EVERYONE Atlas/Jack/Ryan/Fontaine/Tenenbaum/Lamb I DON'T EVEN CARE, School AU, you know what I mean
Jack, Big Daddy JACK GETS DRILLED 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan Hatesex. Dub-con/non-con. You don't fuck Fontaine, Fontaine fucks you 1 fic fill
Anyone Someone gets a BJ while addressing the citizens of Rapture. Ryan? Atlas? YOU DECIDE. 1 art fill
Frank Fontaine, Jack Mindbreak, praise, dirty talk. Frank has totally broken Jack and has turned him into his own personal sex toy. He just has to sit back and smirk while Jack rides him like a pro 1 fic fill
Andrew Ryan, Anyone Andrew Ryan fucks someone with a golf club. It doesn't have to be het but that would be so novel considering the fuckery posted here, lol
Lucas, Anyone Lucas gets the good Rapture dick 1 art fill
Jack, Sander Cohen I WOULD LIKE TO THANK NOT ONLY GOD BUT ALSO JESUS [misfire] 1 fic fill
Jack, Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen Jack gets used and fucked and passed around. somehow
Jack, Andrew Ryan, Frank Fontaine Dirty talk, collars, marking. Ryan and Fontaine share jack. Kinky sex ensues.
Atlas, Jack Dark, romantic encounter. Starts as dub-con and becomes very consensual between both of them! Either one being the instigator. 1 fic fill
Sander Cohen, Andrew Ryan After a performance, someone insults Sander Cohen's work and Andrew Ryan jumps to defend him. This leads to Ryan defiantly showing his admiration for Sander with some sort of public display.
Batya!Jack, Kyle Fitzpatrick Alcohol and drugs and lots of trying to forget their problems. Batya: [x] 1 fic fill
Elizabeth, Atlas Burial At Sea. Make it happen please!
Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen Ryan visits Sander in the dressing room after a particularly stimulating show. Classy teasing, provocative courting? Old school beating-around-the-bush type stuff. Can go further or stop there.
Andrew Ryan, Bill McDonagh First date. McDonagh's 'worrying' that Ryan might be gay is actually disguised hopefulness that he is gay :O Ryan takes McDonagh on a date!
Jack, Elizabeth Band AU. jack and liz are leads for bands that sing different genres. romeo and juliet or something. Booker is overprotective dad of the year. Atlas/Fontane is just glad his boy is finally getting some tail. 1 fic fill
dark!Jack, Frank Fontaine ok how about after killing Ryan Jack makes the right decision and decides yeah power. he'll take over rapture now. and make frank his lil bitch. in every way. ye
Jack, Atlas Atlas is disappointed when Jack rescues rather than harvests the first Little Sister. He can't afford to let Jack fail, so he decides to treat Jack with a personal lesson on how to be a merciless badass in Rapture.
Jack, Andrew Ryan Pet play. I like this ship (because I'm an awful human being), this is my biggest kink, if you can find a way to write this I might marry you. 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Jack tentacle fontaine fucks jack tentacularly with his tentacle tentacles. tentacle
Jack, Anyone Snuff. Let's put those vita chambers to use, shall we?
Elizabeth, Booker DeWitt They take a bath together and then something reeeeally interesting happens. I'd like it to be something fluff and kinky, don't know if it's possible :')
Jack, Atlas omorashi. using would you kindly to keep jack from peeing. maybe more. imagine
Sander Cohen, disciples disciple gangbang, Sander Cohen watches/gives orders (and jerks off)
Booker DeWitt, Sullivan Booker and Sullivan Are Friends. "A cop friend of mine, Sullivan..." What they do
Booker DeWitt, Frank Fontaine lover's quarrel over sally's disappearance or anything
Sander Cohen, Andrew Ryan, Frank Fontaine Sexual art. This is for my girlfriend make it happen plz
Jack, Atlas Watersports. Haha lets see you sick losers fill this /watches and waits
Steinman, Frank Fontaine dubcon/torture/anything you want?? steinman tests how far fontaine is willing to go to become atlas. Include the operation for bonus points.
Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen Dirty talk. Ryan and Cohen meet up before one of Cohens shows. Like a horny teenager, Ryan gets Cohen all riled up before the show. They meet up afterwards and then sex.
Jack, Atlas, Frank Fontaine Jack finds out that Atlas is an alternative personality of Fontaine...unbeknownst to him. One alter is dominant and one is submissive, much to Jack's delight.
Anyone SONGFIC. Hands up who remembers the good old days of HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO RELIVE THEM? Write me terrible shipping SONGFIC.
Sander Cohen, Kyle Fitzpatrick Cock/Boot Worship. Fitzpatrick is in love with his mentor, Cohen takes advantage of this.
Atlas, Jack orgasm denial, edging, mind control. atlas keeps jack under control by using wyk to keep him from coming so that he's perpetually horny and desperate. he likes to take advantage of this 1 fic fill
Jack, Anyone Jack has completely consensual, loving sex with someone who loves him back, and enjoys it. Can be anyone, anywhere, as long as Jack has a good time.
Jack, Atlas, Everyone Public use. Atlas secures Jack so he's in a compromising position and lets whoever or whatever comes by have a go at him.
Delta, Augustus Sinclair Delta develops a huge crush when he sees Sinclair's smile. Maybe even make it Stanley/Sinclair. Either way, cute thoughtful little things done to gain Sinclair's attention.
Jack, Atlas Morning wood. Jack and Atlas fall asleep together for whatever reason and Jack wakes up to the feeling of Atlas's penis against his bum.
Jack, Andrew Ryan Jack ties Ryan to his desk, uses one tie as a cockring and another as a gag, and gives him oral sex. Because bitches loves Ryan's cock, amirite? 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan Fontaine/Ryan, use of the hypnosis plasmid.
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan The 4 times Fontaine was annoyed by Ryan and the one time he was not so annoyed. Idc what it has, fluff, arguing, sexytimez I would just like to see it.
Elizabeth, Eleanor Lamb Lambs with parents who lock them away somewhere and build a cult around them, they must have something to talk about!
Jack, Atlas Possession/marking & self-mutilation. Fontaine's starting to feel like he needs to make it clear who Jack really belongs to here, so he WYKs Jack into roughing himself up for Atlas. 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Brigid Tenenbaum Keeping up the Atlas mask 24/7 starts to get to Fontaine. He needs to be Fontaine, even if only as a reminder to himself. Tenenbaum becomes an unlikely choice. Shippy or gen is fine.
Frank Fontaine, Jack Immobilization. Fontaine hits Jack with a WYK, but rather than having him do anything, he orders Jack to stay perfectly still while still being alert and aware of everything happening to him.
Jack, Atlas Mindfuckery/mental manipulation. Jack starts losing time and the only constant seems to be Atlas. Atlas is using WYK to ensure that the only thing Jack can trust is the voice on the radio.
Jack, Atlas, OMC Conditioning. Jack finally gets topside and starts a new life, but he feels like he's missing a part of himself and he ends up trying to fill that hole with rough men in dark bars. 1 fic fill
Jack, Anyone give me Jack as a harvesting, murdering, cannibalising sadist. the sex can be consensual or noncon, whichever makes the most sense. possible stuff includes biting, blood play, using plasmids.
Jack, Atlas Fisting.
Jack, Splicers Bukkake. A bunch of splicers literally drown Jack in semen.
Mark Meltzer, Harry Mason (Silent Hill) Silent Hill Crossover. Mark Meltzer and Harry Mason are just two dads searching for their daughters in a town full of monsters. And also they're both huge dork dads. And also dork boyfriends. Just roll with it. 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Jack Noncon, mind control. Fontaine wyks Jack into loving every second of it very much against his will.
Sander Cohen, Kyle Fitzpatrick Abuse of power dynamics. Sander creepily molests Kyle when he plays the piano.
Jack, Everyone Jack says fuck you to battling and just sleeps his way through Bioshock 1, much to Atlas's increasing confusion. Something cracky. 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Atlas Life-ruining, humiliation. "I'm better at being you than you are!" Something like that. Fontaine impersonating completely legit irish/revolutionary Atlas, and basically stealing his identity and army and everything and rubbing it in his face.
Atlas, Andrew Ryan Meet cute. Atlas makes his first appearance, and it's to rescue Ryan. Eventually he wants him dead but not by the hands of anyone other than himself. So Ryan is dazzled by this mysterious Dublin knight in shining armor. Then the Atlas-led revolt starts and Ryan learns that his savior is his new enemy.
Jack Jack wears panties. Who dressed him? Would prefer a more heavyset/muscular jack but the slender version of jack would work too.
Atlas, Diane McClintock Strip/cavity search. When Diane first goes to meet Atlas and join his cause, he needs to make sure she isn't carrying any weapons or wires. Absolutely sure. (Bonus points if his henchmen are in the same room.) 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Jack Petplay, "weird bad end". After Frank neutralizes Jack as a threat to his Rapturous supremacy he actually becomes a little fond of the kid. There's somethin' real sweet and docile about him when he's like this and sometimes he can't help but treat him nice.
Anyone (female) Lesbians. I don't care anymore, man. This meme's turned into such a sausage fest of pencil mustaches and bald heads that I need girls in love, girls who hate each other but love to fuck, just girls.
Diane McClintock, Jasmine Jolene Diane wants to see all what the fuss is about Jasmine Jolene. Jolene shows her exactly what all the fuss is about. 1 fic fill
Subject Delta, August Sinclair Bad!Delta. Subject Delta is a ruthless Big Daddy who prefers to eliminate all loose ends -except when it comes to Sinclair. Anything with Delta being an evil brute with an affection for the man who came to save him.
Jack, Anyone ADAM slugs. Someone restrains Jack and shoves ADAM slugs down his throat until he glows like a nightlight. 1 fic fill
Frank Fontaine, Anyone NTR. Fontaine fucks one of Ryan's mistresses while on the horn with Ryan.
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan, Jack Mind control/non-con. Right after the key gets put in the machine, Fontaine uses Jack to humiliate Ryan while he verbally destroys him and gets off on it.
Atlas, Jack Animorphs crossover. Atlas is a Yeerk. Jack becomes a Controller. We fap to it.
Frank Fontaine, Brigid Tenenbaum The Art Request we've all been waiting for: Tenenbaum Kicks Fontaine in the Dick
Atlas, Diane McClintock Impregnation. Atlas takes pleasure in fucking Diane pregnant.
Jack implanted with an ADAM slug like a sister don't ask just do it
Frank Fontaine, Jack Bad end. Frank uses Jack's addiction to dehumanize him further. Makes him lick Adam off the floor, off his shoes, off his cock. Jack's so desperate for a hit he'll do anything.
Fontaine, You fontaine readerfic because my life's at that fucking point. something really degrading and humiliating and. doesn't even have to be overtly sexual. i don't. even. care.
Jack, Atlas himiliation, narcissism, ATLAS FUCKING JACK IN FRONT OF A MIRROR 1 fic fill
Anyone remember that post that went around tumblr a while back. yeah. plasmids as suppositories. and you thought drinkable plasmidth were a bad idea..........
Anyone MOTHER. FUCKING. SOCK. GARTERS. preferably featuring andrew ryan. this isn’t sofa.
Frank Fontaine, Andrew Ryan Autoerotic asphyxiation
Jack, Atlas Code yellow snuff. You heard me
Jack cute gen fluffy family times. Can I have some fluff with Jack and his new family topside?
Toasty, Fitzpatrick toasty and fitzy finally getting married
Fem!Jack Fem!Jack non-con, dub-con sub jack(ie?) i have a serious need. i would prefer atlas/fontaine because of reasons
Anyone Bioshock/Borderlands 2 crossover don’t ask don’t fucking ask
Jack (chubby) Jack takes his shirt off for whatever reason and Atlas sees that he's a chubby. Just as he's about to make fun of Jack's baby fat, he realizes that he's totally hard for chubster Jack.
Blond Atlas, BAS Atlas, Jack Via tears or some bullshit. How has this not been requested yet.
Jack, Atlas Every time I read "Jatlas," my brain translates it to "Jackass," at which point the JACKASS theme starts playing in my head over clips of Jack getting his ass handed to him by Big Daddies...
Atlas, Red you heard me. 2 fic fills
Robert & Rosalind Lutece Actual twins AU. The Luteces are real twins who where separated at birth. Years later they meet up, fall in love, bang, then find out they are actual siblings.
Anyone bioshock coffee shop au. don’t ask questions just fucking do it
Jack, Atlas Just to shake things up a bit. Slutty Atlas gets Jack to fuck him as part of his continued ploy to convince Jack that he's not the one getting fucked down here in Rapture, that Atlas isn't the one who's really holding the leash.
Atlas, Robert & Rosalind Lutece For whatever reason, the Luteces get to double team Atlas, Rob in his mouth while Roz pegs him. Halfway through they switch up, Rob taking Roz's position while she sits on his face. Would prefer no non-con.
Brigid Tenenbaum Anything about Tenenbaum's past, pre-Rapture or during Rapture. Maybe something about her growing up, or how she survived the war/the death camps, or when she first reached Rapture.
Eleanor Lamb We've got lots of Jack being a good day to the Little Sisters. How about Elanor Lamb being a better mom than her own to her rescued Little Sisters? 1 fic fill
Grace Holloway, Anna Culpepper Both were singers who criticized Ryan and friends. Friendship or romance, making sweet music together figuratively or literally, just put them in the same room together to air their Rapture grievances please!
Stanley Poole Masturbation. In light of that Big Daddy pinup poster, let's have Stanley Poole yanking his great chain to Topside.
Catboy Fontaine the AU you deserve
Atlas, Jack Atlas has Jack broken and hooked on Adam. He's nothing more than Atlas' attack dog now. But sometimes Jack loses it so hard that he can't tell Atlas from the rest of them. And on those nights he has to take Jack home and remind him of his place.
Atlas, Jack, Johnny What if Johnny hadn't been killed before getting to Jack? What if Johnny and Jack traveled together through Rapture? What were Atlas's future plans for Johnny..?
Lis, Caz lis puts on high heels and treads on caz's face. possibly as punishment for not updating the index yet. 1 fic fill
Jack So since Jack's life is a complete lie and he was made for a singular purpose, there's a good chance he's a virgin. So can I get his incredibly awkward first time with someone?
Rosalind & Robert Lutece MPREG. Robert, if you're feeling so unfilled by your biological urge to leave a mark in the world, then carry it yourself. Yes, completely by yourself, I'm not being cute.
Jack, Honey there are beehives in arcadia and bees like honey and jack has bees. thereofre we clearly need someone to drip honey on jack's bare chest and lick it off
Jack splicing. i just need a really vivid splicing scene. don’t look at me.

Fontaine/Ryan- Hatesex

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You don't fuck Fontaine, Fontaine fucks you